Are Martial Arts on the same level as reading, writing and math?

Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 08/10/07

Watch the news or read the newspaper and it becomes apparent that we are a society that is becoming more and more violent. Crimes against children, adults and senior citizens are on the rise, plus the constant threat of terrorism here and abroad.

Unfortunately people are not safe anywhere and that everyone should know some sort of self-defense is becoming increasingly obvious. Some parents may feel that learning how not to become a target can be just as important as any curriculum taught in public schools.

The wife and husband team of Maria and Richard Lanza, plus their son Richard Jr. have been involved with the martial arts for more than 25 years. They know first hand the benefits karate helps provide. Life values of confidence, self-esteem, motivation, character and goal setting are the everyday skills which build the foundation of a successful life. By embodying these principles, Lanza’s Martial Arts has developed proven teaching methods that will help students achieve their goals. In the children’s programs, students are taught to be role models and to believe in themselves. To be leaders not followers. This focus will give a child the confidence and self-esteem that is essential to improve his or her study habits, concentration as well as their performance in all other activities.

As master black belt instructors, the Lanza’s are well trained, skilled and totally committed to each student’s development and safety. They will lead a student through each technique step by step, carefully explaining and demonstrating each movement. These award-winning programs and high-energy classes will make a student look forward to each and every class.

Lanza’s Martial Arts teaches much more than punching and kicking. They make their students aware of community needs by hosting yearly food drives annually donating as much as four tons of food to the food bank to help families less fortunate, organizing a 911 Kick-A-Thon to raise more than $10,000 to help the families in the area that were affected by the tragedy. The school also holds self-defense seminars for the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts teaching them awareness and how to avoid bullying and situations which are threatening.

Martial arts represents the most important values, total body fitness, confidence, motivation, goal setting and self-defense. Lanza’s Martial Arts is located 3681 Route 9 North, Freehold.

For more information call (732) 845-9200.

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