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Monica Devine

My name is Monica Devine, My Spiritual/Yoga name is Jagadamba.

My interest in yoga started in the 7th grade. I have practiced yoga at many different studios throughout the years and in 2012 I completed The teacher training Course at Freehold Yoga Center. I have been actively teaching ever since.

I was taught in the traditional Sivananda (Hatha) tradition which incorporates the 5 points of Yoga:

  • Proper Exercise – Asanas
  • Proper Breathing – Pranayama
  • Proper Relaxation
  • Proper Diet
  • Positive Thinking/Meditation

We will be having both Beginner and Open classes.

In the Beginners class we will learn, through a 6 week series, the structure of yoga class, the 12 basic asanas/postures, proper breathing and relaxtion as well as Sun Salutation. In our beginner classes at Lanzas we will be focusing on the first three points of yoga.

Once the series is completed you will be able to move through an open class, at your pace. Open classes will incorporate what was learned in the beginners into the traditional Sivananda class, each week there will be variations of poses to help deepen and strenghten your practice.

  • It is important to remember that Yoga is for Every Body.
  • It is not about flexibility or who is the most flexible.
  • It is not about competing with others to see who can do it best.
  • Yoga is about honoring your body, by moving within its limits.
  • If you have an issue within your body, we can usually modify anything we are doing to that need, don’t be afraid to try! Read more at
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