Team Building

Team Building for Corporations or Organizations

Lanza’s Martial Arts builds strong team bonds through an exciting and fun self –defense workout. Your team will push past their comfort zone to experience a feeling of complete and total self-satisfaction. Specializing in a fun, relaxed and interactive learning program designed to promote team spirit and a winning, participative culture, where your team will develop a “Can Do” attitude.

The activities and structure of a Lanza’s Martial Arts team building program will bond your team while improving communication skills and teamwork. We offer a unique learning experiences designed to achieve your objectives and to make your program a memorable success. Program can be at your corporate or organizations location or you can arrange for your team meet at Lanza’s Martial Arts in Freehold, NJ.

Teambuilding programs enhance and improve team performance and productivity through the understanding and application of a variety martial arts philosophies and practices. A team member of any level of ability (athletic or non-athletic) can benefit from Lanza’s Martial Arts self-defense training program. Our fundamental program focuses on a variety of cooperative experiences including break-out sessions, and basic self-defense skills, in addition to personal development activities.

The Benefits of A Team Building Program:
  • Breaks down self-limiting barriers in a fun, participative way.
  • Improves communication and teamwork.
  • Emphasis skills within a team.
  • Promotes interpersonal relationships.
  • Creates respect for differing work styles and personalities.
  • Identifies the dynamics and behavior traits of high performing teams.
  • Develops a strong Team Spirit.
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increase in self-confidence and group confidence
  • Improvement in individual and group relations
  • Expanded problem-solving skills
  • improved understanding of the importance of cooperation
  • Understanding of basic self-defense techniques.


If your Team is looking for a unique experience, Then consider Lanza’s Martial Arts for your company, or organization. For more information call 732-845-9200 or email senseilanza [at] .


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