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What are some Parents saying about Lanza’s Martial Arts?

All 4 of my kids have been studying at Lanza’s for many years – great investment in their self-defense and their character development. I heartily recommend this school to anyone! ~ Pat Murphy


Our son, Thomas, has been a part of the Lanza’s Martial Arts family since 2005.  He started at the age of 5 and received his Black Belt in 2011.  Lanza’s Martial Arts is like a family.  We have formed great relationships with the Sensei’s/Owners, Rich & Maria, and with several of the other students and their parents.  Thomas still enjoys his training as he continues his path!. ~ Lori Papirnik


I started training at Lanza’s Martial Arts when I was seventeen, so I have spent almost half of my life training there.  When I first started training, it was as part of a school project; however, I loved it so much that I continued to train even after the project was over.  I’ve kept up with training because it’s fun and a great workout, but also because you never run out of new things to learn.  I stayed with Lanza’s, even while living out of state for several years, because I love the instructors and students.  Besides being technically skilled martial artists, the instructors are also some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve met, and they are incredibly supportive of their students.  The students genuinely want to learn and improve, and though they can be competitive at times, they are always willing to help each other out.  In my mind, this makes the people in the school irreplaceable. ~ Diana J. Rea


Choosing the right teachers, role models and hero’s for your kids can be tricky.

We have two sons, and were lucky enough to have found Lanza’s Martial Arts in 2002, when our now 15 year old was entering Kindergarten. Our initial purpose for enrolling him was to teach him goal setting and learning a sense of achievement. What he has earned and developed in himself to this day surpasses our expectations. Society to us parents makes it difficult to instill and keep values that your children need in order to be successful at anything.

This school re-enforces the values we teach our kids, and has addressed new ones we didn’t even think of as parents. This school is the greatest gift we could ever give our kids. Sensei Maria and Rich are a team we added to our lives, they are the teammates that we would never trade out for any price. They have not only enriched our children’s lives, but ours as well. Watching their dedication and commitment to each and every student is an art form. We are those parents you’d see sitting through karate class that in itself makes our assessment of this school a great resource for any parent. The kids in this school find their own voice, develop their own individuality, inspire others and are inspired just the same. This school does all this through raising expectations and encouragement, with a touch of humor. We’ve never seen the hardcore military approach used on these children nor is it necessary. They learn respect, diligence, perseverance, confidence, and leadership skills. This comes only with hard work, dedication, re-enforcement and time. While their friends and peers are trying to get them to veer off track their inner voice and self-discipline kicks in and they become the leaders and role models that this team expects them to be.

Each child is different of course; some need more encouragement and some less. They all get what they need with the curriculum that’s been developed in this school. Our older son, now a black belt gets hands on teaching experience reinforcing the skills he already knows by having to verbalize them. The best way to learn is by teaching.

Our younger son, (to mention that little mound of explosive energy), is working on the much needed self-disciplinary skill of slowing down, as mentioned to us by every single teacher we conferenced with. He is on the right track in learning his own strengths and weaknesses and how to better himself by recognizing them. He is working to overcome his own challenges. This type of self-discipline translates into the academic setting and both our boys acknowledge the importance of doing their personal best in every aspect of their lives. They are not afraid to make mistakes or to speak up for themselves. They have through karate developed a great work ethic.

I’m not a psychologist, but as a parent I have learned that Karate is an excellent resource. It develops much personal strength: hand-eye coordination, memory, only to name a few. Most of all it gives these kids a place to go and feel a great sense of achievement. Karate is a rite of passage developed through centuries. It is a natural human resource of great historical value. Plus you can actually defend yourself when needed, and better yet, you most often don’t need to because the confidence you gain fends people off before you have to. To speak in the 6th sense, we feel that the teachers in this school have an unwritten knowledge of the great gift they share though it is something that words can never fully express the true value of. Any one person may find it has a different value for them. Karate speaks of pride, dignity, and personal growth. This school does justice to the art of self-defense and the historical value of Karate. ~  By: Mrs. & Mr. Magnusson



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