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The family team of Maria, Richard, and Richard Jr. has been involved with the Martial Arts for more than a decade. They know firsthand that karate represents the most important family values, total body fitness, confidence, motivation, goal setting, and self-discipline. As black belt instructors, they are highly trained, skilled and totally committed to your development and safety. They will lead you through each technique step by step, carefully explaining and demonstrating each movement. The Lanza’s award winning programs along with their high-energy classes will make you look forward to each and every class. Maria, Richard and Rich Jr. have traveled and attended numerous martial arts training and philosophy seminars. They have trained with world re-knowned Black Belt Hall of Fame instructors including: Master George Dillman, Grand Master Rick Moneymaker, Grand Master Jhoon Rhee, Remy Presas, Professor Wally Jay, Shidoshi-Ho Will Maier and Master Dusty Everson.

This exposure to many different styles and systems allow the Lanza’s to teach a wide range of techniques that draw on the world’s most effective self-defense and training techniques. With the continuing study of Kyusho Jitsu (pressure point fighting) Small Circle Jujitsu and Arnis (screaming sticks), Lanza’s Martial Arts is developing a system which will be effective for all types of people no matter of size or age.


Chief Instructors

* Grandmaster Richard J. Lanza 7th dan
* Master Maria Lanza 5th dan
* Master Richard J. Lanza Jr. 5th dan

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