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“I have been training for 18 years and started I was 11 1/2 years old and it help me build my self defense and other stuff too. We have best school in New Jersey and teachers are the best of the world. The students are amazing to teach and help them with self- defense and build true conference. ”
~ Jeff Malowitz


“State of the Art training facility and outstanding instruction of Kenpo Karate and Kyusho Jitsu. Professional training by Chief instructors Richard and Maria Lanza. One of the top Martial Arts Schools in New Jersey. Including Pressure Points, Self-Defense, Real World Application and various training modules. Highly recommended!”
~ Dan Perez


“I’ve been training for 13 years I started when I was 5 years old I still train because I love martial arts and martial arts is a huge part of my life the school is great the instructors are awesome and my fellow students are great.”
~ Zach Pastore


“I have trained with Lanza’s Martial Arts for eight years. I was ten years old and I didn’t know what to expect. Sensei and all of the other Black Belts were a great influence on me and made me feel comfortable in learning. They helped me achieve Black Belt by their passion for martial arts. Now, I am training for 2nd degree Black Belt. I have become more confident, more disciplined, and more focused. Lanza’s Martial Arts taught me how to be a leader and why it is important to give 100 percent in anything you do. ”
~ Joe Guth


“I have been training at Lanza’s Martial Arts for nine years since the age of five. I not only learned great techniques on self-defense, but I also learned about respect, responsibility, courage, confidence and determination. Lanza’s has great dedicated and knowledgeable Sensei’s. All the students and teachers are a family that you grow to love and train with. Lanza’s Martial Arts is a great dojo for anyone interested in the Martial Arts.”
~ Aaron Wohl – 2nd degree Black Belt


I started coming to Lanza’s when I was ten years old, and in the near-seven years that have passed since then, it’s become so much more than just ‘punching and kicking.’ Every step on my road to becoming a black belt took hard work and practice, and this made every belt a true achievement and source of pride. This diligence shows through in every teacher and student here, and is a huge part of why Lanza’s is so special. Our achievements are never mere handouts, but every person in the dojo wants nothing more than our success and will do everything they can to lead us to it. ~ Adele Conway


I have trained at Lanza’s Martial Arts for about eight years since the age of ten. During my journey in karate, my instructors and fellow students taught me how to defend myself and helped build my self-confidence. I have also met and bonded with many people who shared my passion for martial arts with whom I am sure will remain lifelong friends. I keep training at Lanza’s Martial Arts today because the school teaches effective martial art techniques and because the students and teachers there have become like a second family to me. ~ John Guth


“I’ve been training for 10 years now, since I was five years old.  Karate has been a really great experience for me, and it has given me confidence in school and in every area of my life.  I keep training at Lanza’s because there’s always so much to learn, no matter what rank you get to.  We have excellent instructors of varying ranks and ages, so there is a constant supply of new and old teachers that are ready to pass on what they know.” ~ John Murphy

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