Lanza's, Martial Arts. Self Defense, Freehold, NJ

Black Belts

Grandmaster Richard Lanza

7th Degree

Master Marial Lanza

5th Degree

Master Rich Lanza

5th Degree

Master Dan Perez

4th Degree

Master Mark Viggiani

4th Degree

Sensei Jeffery Malowitz

3rd Degree

Sensei Diane Rea Corrigan

3rd Degree

Sensei Joe Gonzalez

2nd Degree
Lanza's Martial Arts, Freehold, NJ, Karate

Earned Black Belt August 14, 1999

Bill Decker
Sandra Barkalow
Jordan Hagaman
Joey Mercurio
Joseph Mercurio

Earned Black Belt August 26, 2000

Nicholas Martin
Megan Jimenez
Dan Perez

Earned Black Belt November 3, 2001

Mark Feldstein
Austin Hagaman
Christopher Griffin
Brian Gresh
Mark Viggiani


Earned Black Belt October 5, 2002

Jeffrey Malowitz
John DeSarno

Earned Black Belt October 4, 2003

Sudeep De
Mary Hagaman
Cody Cermak
Jeffery Burner
Diana Rea

Earned Black Belt January 29, 2005

Nicole Callahan
Alex Jimenez
Joe Gonzalez

Earned Black Belt January 14, 2006

Merissa Toscani
Louis Toscani
Kris Hearn
Mindy Chu
Ernest Chu
John Eckhoff

Earned Black Belt January 27, 2007

PJ Miraglia
Justin Parker
Lexine De Luca
TJ Gonzalez
Adam Zenzer
Jonathon Pizarro-Ross

Earned Black Belt January 26, 2008

Jessica Viggiani
Kim White
Tyler Scotto
Danielle Cantalupo
Nicholas Cantalupo
Cara Magee


Earned Black Belt March 28, 2009

Zachary Pastore
Gianni Magliaro
Ryan Woolley
Shane Cruez

Earned Black Belt March 27, 2010

Frank Montalto
Matthew Grieco
Alyssa Grieco
Francesca Musto
Matthew Iannezelli
Brenda Shor
Richard Gao
Andy Gao
John Murphy
Kenny Woolley
Alec Woolley
Aaron Wohl

Earned Black Belt August 3, 2011

Charles Carollo
Victora Carollo
Thomas Papirnik
Ryan Sahlin
Edward Balisalisa
John Liotti

Earned Black Belt February 11, 2012

Jared Pastore
Justin Tansey
Christian Magliaro
John Guth
Joe Guth
Nick D’Auria

Earned Black Belt August 11, 2012

Adele Conway
Vincent Snyder
Luciano Catugno
Rahul Yerribelli


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